The 'C' library has a huge collection of code routines pre-built for our convenient use.  Additionally, we programmers have free-reign to code WHATEVER function we need for our program design.


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/* pgm9 source */

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

void our_function(char [], char, int, float, char []);  // a non-library function whose code we specify

int main(void) {
char animal[15];
char a_name[15];

strcpy(animal, "Kangaroo");
strcpy(a_name, "Katisha");


our_function(a_name, 'K', 32, 16.6, animal);


void our_function(char name[], char letter, int old, float tall, char creature[]) {
     printf("Introducing %s the %s (a %c-word)\n\n", name, creature, letter);
     printf("She is %d years old, and is %.1f feet tall.\n\n", old, tall);
     printf("(... and she has a purplish-black tongue.)\n");